Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't throw that electronic junk just yet! - Top 10 Ways to Modernize Your Old, Retro Gadgets

Despite the strong possibility that I will be labeled as a hoarder, I have no qualms in admitting that I find it extremely difficult to throw away old electronic gadgets that have lived out their intended usages. So for me, this article was a discovery that brought me joy and comfort.

Turn your old 'about to be garbage' junk electronic gadgets into something useful. Floppy drives can be converted into pen holders, Nintendo controllers turn into USB gamepads or even pen drives, VCR heads become momentum based scroll wheels - possibilities are only limited by the limits of imagination!

These projects sound fun, and even though practicality of the final products cannot be guaranteed, it will surely bring loads of fun experimenting with these ideas. If you succeed, you get to keep your favorite electronics with added value. If you fail, well, not much is lost.

Just one piece of advice, as the article rightly reminds - don't tear down anything you might want back!!

Read it all here.

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